Paul Cramp, beginning his working life as a chef, studied cuisine and food sources. He worked with ingredients and then worked his way around the world. His interest returned to the source of ingredients — vegetables… to vegetable growing to vegetable gardens… to gardens at large. 
This passion lead to academic interest and to qualification — Royal Horticultural Society: Practical Horticulture — followed by University of Northampton: FdSc Horticultural & Garden Design (with Merit), and ongoing learning. 
He is as familiar with the Ilex Aquifolium as the common and garden holly bush in berry at Christmas. He takes joy in the Aesculus’s summer foliage as much as he does in autumn’s conkers of a horse chestnut tree. 
His particular interest is in ornamental borders and soft landscaping, perennial plants and planting, roses, grasses, soft fruit, and of course, vegetables. 
He has developed a keen interest in poly-tunnel food production and plant propagation. 

Gardening Team-Work 

Amberley Garden Services has a small team, generalist in gardening practice and specialist in particular skills. 
We have a garden/horticulture training programme for those interested in joining the team. 
We participate in apprenticeship schemes, undertaking the training of young people. 

A Walk in the Park 

A garden should be a walk in the park; designed to be self-sustaining, perpetually perennial, easy to care for, and nature’s reward. 

Grounding in Horticultural Science 

Our horticultural expertise — differentiating us from many other garden services — endows gardens with enduring functionality, form and beauty. Paul has more than 18,000 hours of experience, and hundreds of different ideas for gardens. 

Services Featured 

Professional horticultural consultancy 
Management of specialist ornamental gardens 
Short/long-term estate and land management for commercial and residential premises 
Treatment of plant pests and diseases 
Informed decision-making for timed maintenance of flowering plants 
Horticultural maintenance 
Plant physiology, soil science 
Creative solutions 
Extensive plant knowledge 


We are an environmentally aware business pursuing organic solutions to garden care and nurture. We prefer to sustain harmony between mankind and nature, respecting relationships between ourselves, plant life and wildlife. We focus on ethical sourcing of products and materials. 
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