Landscaping alters the garden terrain. It uses devices or tactics to manipulate an outcome (shade, panorama, privacy, borrowed landscape, view, fantasy…) 
We are specialists in soft landscaping; using plants and planting, not hard materials, to achieve an outcome. 

Designing the landscape 

We work closely with the natural lie of the land and BURPS principles: balance, unity, rhythm, proportion and scale. 
Balance is the relationship of elements: where a pathway cuts through lawn, asymmetrical rose gardens, proximity to house boundaries. 
Unity is the planting that creates harmony between the species and the colour wheel. Inattention to this element creates confusion and disharmony, particularly when unexpected colours emerge through the seasons. Contrast, surprisingly, can produce unity 
Rhythm is the pattern of the expected and unexpected parts of the deliberate design. It produces pace that holds the landscape in place. Sometimes garden interest is created in discord; we place a feature in an unexpected but pleasing place. 
Proportion is critical; getting it wrong distorts the pleasure in the layout, and ultimately in the garden itself. 
Scale is equally essential; we cannot send out a lad to do a man’s job or a maiden to do the task of a full-grown woman…laying tiny paving stones in large expanses. The elements we design into the plan must be capable of achieving the vision. 


At Amberley Garden Services, we take huge pleasure in creating gardens that bring joy to their owners.  
We back it up with sound horticultural knowledge and practice. 
Pergolas, ponds, pathways 
Such constructed elements, when in balance and harmony with the garden, become appreciated features rather than protrusions like sore thumbs. Invariably it’s down to line, scale and material. 
Landscaping trends 
We tend to ignore trends. They can produce inhibited, sometimes unimaginative outcomes — a copycat, me-too rendition. Gardens must be as original as people are individual. Landscaping that brings out the best in natural curves, elements, materials and planting schemes works every time to produce a garden of quality and tranquillity. 
Garden transformations 
Quite often we’ll transform a portion of a garden to rejuvenate its look and feel, or to revive its zest. We use different tactics like planting structures, walkway changes or varying vistas to achieve subtle changes that bring years of enjoyment to the owner. 
Garden retreats 
We landscape true retreats for adult thinking, quiet time, relaxation with a glass of wine, or entertaining on grand scales. 
Garden treats 
Every garden should be a treat, a reward. It should be a place where we can refresh our minds, find peace in the quiet quiver of palm tree leaves and the wind through the willows. This at the forefront of our garden landscaping and planning. 
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