Homes with less-than-an-acre gardens can be greatly enhanced with intriguing walkways, ecological ponds, enchanting entertaining areas and interest points — a horizon of pleached lime trees for privacy, a grove of mountain ash for autumn splash and wild-flower plantations or formal beds for summer delight. 

Even smaller gardens 

We have creative solutions to expand a smaller garden. We optimize space with optical illusions, and focus on place and clever planting to achieve areas for different uses: vegetable beds, seating area, miniature vistas and diversions to suggest extra length or width. 
Matching gardens with lifestyle Garden design and landscaping plans depends on access, surrounds and personal preferences. Challenges can be overcome where gardens are an extension of the home and lifestyle. 
We design smaller gardens for the keen gardener, providing opportunity to get stuck in. For those less keen, we draw up an easy-maintenance design to delight the less keen. 


We offer consultancy and design services for smaller gardens, and support in the choosing a landscaper to carry out the work. We meet the homeowner to find out preferences, skills level and lifestyle. 
We provide a presentation board with scaled drawings, pictures of plans and planting suggestions. We include our ideas for privacy, hardscaping and sections for various activities. 

Garden maintenance 

Our maintenance plan with a seasonal schedule of tasks depending on planting and plants — when to prune, how to dead-head, when to fertilise, where to transplant… guides the homeowner’s maintenance activity. 

Garden advice 

We’ll provide advice on an existing garden or intended plan regarding design and planting. We also advise on pest and disease control, and how to perform gardening tasks like rose pruning and nutrition, or bulb planting for visual effect. 
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